Philosopher’s Stone, Chapter 11

I have to admit to a steadily growing excitement on my part over this site. For a while it seemed like it would take FOREVER, especially since I worked on it for about fifteen months before anybody else even saw it. But now we’re moving through pretty steadily and I’m starting to get feedback from a number of you all, and it’s becoming even more fun. So thanks for visiting!

I have a new chapter today, as you probably guessed, and this one with lots of artwork:
Chapter 11: Quidditch
This chapter also adds two giants of the fanart community to the site, who I’m incredibly excited to have. Welcome to Ani Bester and Heather Campbell!

By the way, a couple of alert readers (yay Kim and Jen!) have pointed out mistakes I’ve made in the commentary, which I’ve since corrected. If you notice something, or if you have a theory that’s different from mine, feel free to speak up. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and for those of you hit by snow like we were yesterday, stay warm!

~ by Josie on February 22, 2009.

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