Philosopher’s Stone, Chapter 12

The Mirror of Erised is one of my favorite chapters in all of the Harry Potter books. Every time I read it, it reminds me of why I’m a fan, and every time I find another drawing of Harry in front of the Mirror I love it all over again. So I’m very, very excited to post what has probably been my favorite chapter to make thus far: Chapter 12 – The Mirror of Erised.

The one downside to this chapter, of course, is that there was no way to include all the art I wanted to – I have 100 or so Harry Potter images rotating as the desktop background on my computer, and five of them are Erised drawings. :) But I think I chose the ones that best represent the chapter to me. I hope you enjoy.

You’ve probably also noticed that I changed the site header to this wonderful drawing by Chantelle. I’ll be changing this every so often to reflect where we are in the books, but don’t worry, the wonderful image by Laurence Peguy that was there before will be back.

Oh yes, and finally, this chapter brings us two more new artists: welcome to ReallyCorking and Alicia M.B!

~ by Josie on February 23, 2009.

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