Philosopher’s Stone – Chapter 17

This post marks the end of an era, of sorts – this is the final chapter from the first Harry Potter book, and with it the site is sort of changing over from being a new thing to being a long, ongoing project. We still have a long way to go, but I very much appreciate those of you who have been reading, e-mailing me, commenting, and participating thus far – it’s been even more fun for me than I expected, and I’m diving into the next books with enthusiasm.

I do want to apologize for being a little slow with updates this week, as I’ve been in the thick of apartment hunting. My wife and I are expecting to add a third member to our family come August, and our little one-bedroom apartment won’t cut it for long. But I should be diving back in with vigor once we get through this weekend. And I’m planning on working even farther ahead so I can keep with the updates while we move. :)

Anyway, with that, here’s the new chapter, and the end of book one:
PS17: The Man With Two Faces
From here, I’ll be posting my essay in the next day or two as promised, and then we’ll dive straight into Chamber of Secrets. Looking forward to it!!

~ by Josie on March 7, 2009.

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