Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 7

Hello again! The Chamber of Secrets plot is beginning to thicken today, as we dive into Draco’s, er, insensitivity, and Harry’s hearing voices in the walls. Getting very exciting, and of course some exciting art to go along with it. Here’s the chapter: Mudbloods and Murmurs.

Also, as always, a warm welcome to our new artist as well: Becky Roberts!

Finally, I wanted to put out a bit of a call for help. Virtually every artist I’ve contacted for this site has been so gracious about allowing me to use their work, and I can’t thank them enough. But there are a few that I simply haven’t been able to get in touch with, despite trying every means I can find. So if anyone is friends with any of these folks or knows of alternate ways to contact them, and could help get me in touch, I would be most appreciative – you or they can e-mail me at (please only e-mail if you know them – I don’t want to flood them with messages. Thanks!).
Caladan DD (website here)
Mudblood428 (website here)
IdrilAncalimon (website here)
Lara Hill (website here)
Tiny Q (website here, dA here).
Any help would be most appreciated – thanks so much!

~ by Josie on April 3, 2009.

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