Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 16

Hooray, finally back for more! I’m very, very pleased to announce our new artist today, who is indeed one of the giants of the Harry Potter fan universe (and one of the inspirations for this site): Marta T. There is of course much more about her on that page, but more importantly, she’s contributed a wonderful drawing to our next chapter! Here it is:
Chapter 16: The Chamber of Secrets

I must also confess that after two weeks of traveling and moving, I’ve finally come to realize what I should have known all along: that while my policy of updating every 2-3 days is realistic during normal weeks, there are simply going to be interruptions from time to time. So from here out, I’ll try to keep updating regularly, and do my best warn you when I’m forced to stop for a break (like when my baby’s due in three months). It just takes too much time and focus to write these chapters, and it’s too important to me that I do them well to try to rush them out when life is a little crazier. So my apologies for the delays – and I very much appreciate your understanding (and your continued visits!). :)

~ by Josie on May 12, 2009.

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