Chamber of Secrets, chapter 18

Well it’s about that time again, time to wrap up another book and move on! Here’s the last chapter of Chamber of Secrets. Sadly I still haven’t yet heard from the new artist I was hoping to add here, but I promise that if/when I do I’ll add her lovely picture to the page. Until then, there are some other excellent (and a couple delightfully creepy) drawings here too:

CS18: Dobby’s Reward

I talked at one point about posting another essay after book two, as I did with book one – I realized while writing this chapter that my thoughts weren’t really lengthy enough for a full essay, so I included them on this page instead.

I also want to say another big thanks to all the artists out there – I have to admit when I started this project, it was with some trepidation regarding Chamber of Secrets specifically – I only had 68 drawings tagged as being from this book, and I feared there wouldn’t be enough good art to make it interesting. But since then I found several new artists, found some more pieces by artists I already knew, and although I had to combine a couple of chapters here and there, I’m very pleased with the end result. So hooray! And on to Prisoner of Azkaban!

~ by Josie on May 27, 2009.

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