Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 5

Oy. My internet has been nonfunctional the last two days, so I’m sitting in a coffee shop getting everything going, and it’s… rather slow, especially since I’m not on my usual computer with the links and files I’m accustomed to having (and I just wrote a chapter that had nineteen images….). But it’s supposed to be fixed tomorrow, so we’ll see.

ANYWAY… we’ve just learned that Sirius Black is after Harry, and with the entrance of the dementor in this chapter, things are getting a whole lot darker – time for a new banner image! Many thanks to Snapesforte for the beautiful rendition of Hogwarts that now graces our pages.

This chapter also brings us another new artist, our fifty-first and one I’m especially excited about. Welcome to Jenny Dolfen!

Oh yes, and here’s the chapter: Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter five: The Dementor. I should be back online tomorrow night – in the meantime, enjoy. :)

~ by Josie on June 10, 2009.

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