New Artist: odella

For the first several months I was working on this project, literally all I did was collect and organize artwork. I sought out every artist I could find, followed all the links on their websites to other artists, did hundreds of searches on collection sites like deviantArt, and amassed all the canon art I could find that fit my images of the books. I really enjoyed the searching, but after so many months of it, I was also really tired of it. ;)

So anyway, I haven’t really done much looking since then, except for occasional searches for specific images that I need to get the plot of a chapter across. Until this past week or so, when I finally decided it was time to begin looking again, because I know there are still more great artists out there who I just haven’t seen. And when I started, one of the first artists I came across was odella. Who, despite only having a handful of canon pieces, is awesome.

So I’ve added a couple of odella’s pieces to the site (welcome!), and I hope there will be more new artists added soon. Odella is the 60th artist who has agreed to be included on the Companion (56 of whom are already posted), and while my original goal was 100, I’m now hoping to be looking at far more. And if YOU know of anybody great that I’m missing – drop me a line!

Without further ado, here are the two great pieces from odella that I’ve added:
Chamber of Secrets, chapter 17: ‘Fawkes & the Basilisk’
Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter 6: ‘Reading Tea Leaves’
And odella’s artist page can be found here.

~ by Josie on June 27, 2009.

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  1. Very nice!!

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