New Artist: Fox Estacado Arts

I’m still not quite ready to finish off Prisoner of Azkaban today (can’t… let… go!), though I expect to have the final chapter there up tomorrow. But in the meantime, I do have another treat, which is a new artist who I’ve just recently encountered for the first time.

Fox Estacado Arts doesn’t have a lot of canon Harry Potter drawings, but those he’s done are beautiful, and a couple are among my favorite pieces I’ve come across. I’ve added one of his pieces to the Companion already, and there will be more to come down the road. It’s actually from the very first chapter of the books:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, chapter one: ‘The Boy Who Lived’ His artist page is here: Fox Estacado Arts. Welcome, Fox!

Oh yes – AND. You could probably guess that generally speaking, I don’t go overboard with the movies – I enjoy them and look forward to them, and I’ve seen all five on the day they were released, but in my mind they’re very separate from the books (the artwork on this website makes the books come to life more for me than any of the movies has ever done). HOWEVER. Given the previews I’ve seen for Half-Blood Prince, I am SO EXCITED for this one. Particularly because I’m lucky enough to live in one of the three US cities where it’s being released in IMAX right away, while everywhere else has to wait two weeks. I’m not going at midnight (bad idea for the wife who’s eight months pregnant and has to work in the morning), but I’ll be there tomorrow night and I can’t wait. Rest assured I will be posting my thoughts here, particularly on things like cinematography, direction, and lighting. Woo hoo!

~ by Josie on July 14, 2009.

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