Goblet of Fire, Chapter 8

Time for a showdown between Ireland and Bulgaria, those longtime rivals in everything… er, wizarding. Actually Jo seems to have picked these two countries on something of a whim, for no reason other than their lack of athletics prowess (well, maybe not only that reason, as one of her characters has to have come from Bulgaria as a result). But it’s fun to read about the match and realize that the Hogwarts matches are at a snail’s pace by comparison.

Anyway, here goes nuttin: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter eight: ‘The Quidditch World Cup’

Oh yes – I also changed the banner again, as I just wasn’t feeling that the Patronus reflected Harry’s place any more. Instead, to represent the constant dread that is starting to accompany him wherever he goes, I used this wonderful drawing by FrizzyHermione that appeared in Goblet of Fire chapter 2, of Harry awakening and clutching his scar. Thanks, FrizzyHermione!

~ by Josie on July 29, 2009.

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