Goblet of Fire, Chapter 9

Yay for another new chapter, and this one of the more hectic ones of the books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter nine: ‘The Dark Mark’

On a more personal note, we’re now less than two weeks away from my wife’s due date – we’re expecting a little boy very soon! I was secretly (okay, not that secretly) hoping today would be the day, since it’s Harry’s birthday, but given that there are only ten hours left in the day and she’s shown no sign of contractions, I think our odds are getting slim.

Anyway, if (or perhaps when) I disappear for a few days, you can assume that I’m at the hospital – but I should still be able to post fairly regularly once I get home, as I’ve been working pretty far ahead. Writing takes much longer than posting, and I’ve written far enough ahead now that I should be able to keep posting for a month or so without actually having to do any extra writing at all. So have no fear. :)

See you soon!

~ by Josie on July 31, 2009.

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