Goblet of Fire, Chapter 10

Another new chapter today! It’s slowly been hitting me just how much longer the later books are than the first few; for instance, Goblet of Fire is fifteen chapters longer than Prisoner of Azkaban, while Philosopher’s Stone is only seventeen chapters total. As a result, with chapter ten we’d be thinking about heading for the home stretch in the first couple books, while here Harry hasn’t even yet gotten to Hogwarts.

If you’re curious, this also means that in terms of counting chapters, the midway point of the books is the fifth chapter of Order of the Phoenix. So we still have quite a long way to go. On the plus side, lots more posts to come here!

Anyway today’s post is Goblet of Fire, chapter 10: ‘Mayhem at the Ministry.’ And we also have another great artist added to the pool: welcome to prettyannamoon! :)

~ by Josie on August 2, 2009.

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