New Artwork!

This started out as a massive post – I had a folder saved up with about 25-30 images that I wanted to go back and add to the first four books. But then, as I started working on them, I realized that in most cases they didn’t do much to add to the chapters, and in some cases they actually were detracting from the pieces that were there. So I guess my standards were pretty high (higher than I even realized!).

However, I did end up with four additions to our previous collections, which I wanted to share:
Philosopher’s Stone, chapter 2: ‘The Vanishing Glass’ by Hala Zabaneh;
Philosopher’s Stone, chapter 4: ‘Harry – Yer a Wizard’ by deeterhi;
Philosopher’s Stone, chapter 6: ‘Draco Malfoy With Crabbe and Goyle’ by Michael Greenholt; and
Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter 5: ‘The Rotting Hand’ by deeterhi.


~ by Josie on August 29, 2009.

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