Goblet of Fire, Chapter 26

Here it is: The Second Task!

I had kind of a funny experience writing this chapter. In it I talk about how Harry’s decision-making skills on the day of the Second Task are impeded by the fact that he’s just had to wake up for the morning and run out to the lake with no notice. Possibly the only reason the thought occurred to me was because as I was originally reading the chapter (I re-read each one a couple of times before I write about it), I too fell asleep reading – and woke up to hear my phone ringing, as I was late getting somewhere. I know when I’m jarred awake like that, I’m sort of delirious for a while, as my brain slowly works to catch up to my adrenaline-fueled body. After that, I didn’t blame Harry one bit for his stupidity in the lake. :)

~ by Josie on September 7, 2009.

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