Goblet of Fire, Chapter 33

The first time I ever joined a Harry Potter discussion, it was in the Harry Potter for Grown-Ups group (HPfGU), and it was one in which we were desperately trying to figure out who all the Death Eaters were around Voldemort’s circle. We’d learned who his “most faithful servant” was by the end of the book, but two other unnamed Death Eaters – the one who had “left Voldemort forever” and the one “too cowardly to return” – were still unconfirmed. Both were answered in book six with no fanfare whatsoever, proving our conclusion dead wrong – though I maintain that our decision made more sense than Rowling’s did. ;)

Anyway, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for this chapter, as that debate was my first introduction to the Harry Potter fandom. I will always miss those years of speculative discussion, for impatient though we were, I now realize how lucky we were to be forced to wait years between the books, picking them apart and theorizing about what would come next. Nobody will ever appreciate them quite that same way again.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 33: ‘The Death Eaters’

~ by Josie on September 25, 2009.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, who did you think Voldemort was referring to, who “left him forever” and who “was too cowardly to return”?

  2. The main crux of our theory revolved around Snape, who we concluded had scooted out of Hogwarts surreptitiously and was one of the unnamed Death Eaters in the circle. That left Karkaroff (too cowardly) and… well, we weren’t sure about ‘left him forever,’ though I think Ludo Bagman and Regulus Black were both popular possibilities.

    The thing I liked about the theory is Snape’s presence in the circle. It would have been pretty cool for him to have watched Harry do battle there. And I don’t know that I buy Snape’s showing up late and nevertheless immediately regaining his place as Favored Death Eater, as he describes in HBP. But canon wins. :)

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