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Hello! As promised I’ve been working on updates to the site, large and small, and as part of that I’ve spent the better part of this morning going through interviews with J.K. Rowling and adding some of her quotes to the site that I missed on my first trip through the chapters. There are quite a few, which appear at the bottom of each page under the heading ‘The Final Word’:

Some background about the Sorting Hat in PS7;

Insight into Rowling’s writing process in PS9;

The inspiration for Hermione’s name in PS10;

A look at McGonagall’s personality and details about basilisks in CS16;

Dementors as a personification of depression in PA5;

Sirius Black going “unhinged” in PA10;

Rowling’s thoughts on her “background info” written into books 2-4 in GF2;

A long story about a young girl with leukemia who Rowling sorted into Gryffindor (right under the ‘about the chapter’ heading), along with a rather nontraditional source of inspiration, in GF12;

Two quotes about the “sadistic” Snape in GF18;

A bit more insight into Hagrid in GF24; and

Harry’s being “exposed” at the end of his fourth year in GF37.

I also want to give a quick shout-out to my friend Lisa Bunker, who made all of these quotes accessible through her wonderful website, Accio Quote. I am on that site on a daily basis, and if she and her team hadn’t done the work to catalogue all those interviews, most of them would now be lost. So a big thanks to her as well.

Hope you enjoy!

~ by Josie on October 7, 2009.

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