New Artist: Drew Graham

There was a conversation on one of the comment pages a couple of weeks back about a drawing that some readers remembered, but that I didn’t think I’d ever seen. Thanks to Jose Lopes, though, I found the artist we were looking for, and he generously consented to have his drawings included on the site.

His name is Drew Graham, and it turns out his incredible website is a gold mine of canon Harry Potter scenes. I had so much fun looking through it, and such a hard time picking out which ones I wanted to use (there are literally hundreds). But the addition of his work makes the Companion better, so I’m very glad to be introducing it. Here are the drawings I’ve added:

‘Introduction to the Weasley Women’ from PS6

‘Hermione Shows Ron How it’s Done, Much to His Displeasure’ from PS10

‘Ron and Hermione Head to Hogsmeade Without Harry’ from PA8

‘Harry Examines the Old Wedding Portrait of his Parents and Sirius Black’ from PA11

‘Ron is Pulled into the Base of the Whomping Willow by the Mysterious Black Dog’ from PA17

‘Fred and George Reap the Consequences of Dumbledore’s Age Line Around the Goblet of Fire’ from GF16

‘Hagrid and Son’ from GF24

‘Hermione Receives Hate Mail from Readers of Rita Skeeter’s Article’ from GF28

‘Harry Returns From his Devastating Experience in the Graveyard, Clutching the Triwizard Cup in One Hand, and Cedric’s Body in the Other’ from GF35

‘Hermione Brandishes the Jar Containing an Unregistered Animagus’ from GF37

‘Hermione and Ron Feel the Sting of Harry’s Emotions After Having Been Neglected for Several Weeks’ from OP4

~ by Josie on October 24, 2009.

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