Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Five

Order of the Phoenix is an interesting book, in that even though we get seven hundred plus pages of story, most of the story’s true action is happening “off-screen.” There’s a lot to figure out about what Voldemort is up to, what Dumbledore is up to, what Snape is up to, etc…. but aside from the brief, not-really-informative conversation Harry has in this chapter, he doesn’t learn much. So, what can we do but let the sleuthing begin? :)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, chapter five: ‘The Order of the Phoenix’

By the way, thanks to everyone for the well-wishes – my wife has now recovered from the flu and we managed to keep the baby healthy, so everyone’s doing great. Which means I have lots of updates in store for this week – stay tuned!

~ by Josie on October 25, 2009.

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