Halfway Week, Day 1: New Section!

This is a big week for the Harry Potter Companion, as the next chapter I post will be the 100th chapter in the series – and since the series has 199 chapters overall, that means we’re halfway through the books. So to celebrate, I have decided that this week shall be called HALFWAY WEEK – and I’ll be posting new content every day instead of my usual 2-3 day breaks.

And what better way to kick off Halfway Week than by unveiling an entirely new section of the website? :) Longtime readers know I wrote an essay a while back about Philosopher’s Stone, exploring the stories between the lines. I’ve decided to upgrade this single essay into an entire new section of the website, and I’ll be posting several more additions to it over the course of this week. I’m very excited about it, as I think the content of these will really compliment what’s already on the Companion. And don’t worry – I’m fully expecting to continue posting new chapters on my regular schedule, so the new section won’t affect that at all.

You’ll find more of my thoughts on why I wanted to create this section on the Essay page; there you’ll also find a link to my old Philosopher’s Stone essay, as well as a new essay I’ve unveiled today about the differences between the Weasley twins. As you’ll see, I’m hoping these will generate some discussion – by no means am I THE authority figure on Harry Potter, so I’d love to hear feedback, arguments… even ideas for more essays or tips for where I can find other good ones to add to the site would be welcome.

So let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

The Harry Potter Companion: Essays

~ by Josie on October 26, 2009.

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  1. Congrats on being halfway through! I’m excited to read your essays.

  2. Great, I’m looking forward to reading the essays!

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