Halfway Week, Day 4: New Art!

In my iPhoto I have a folder (one of 200+ Harry Potter-related folders….) with a queue of artwork I’m considering adding to the Companion, to chapters I’ve already posted. They’re there for all sorts of reasons – some I just found recently for the first time, others I intended to use later but then decided they fit better elsewhere; still others just been drawn in the past few weeks (yay for artists still drawing Harry!). I had about 30 drawings in there today, so I thought I’d go through and pick out the best ones to add them to the site. So here are nine new drawings for you to enjoy:

A beautiful piece by deeterhi that is now the first piece on the site, showing McGonagall the cat as she stares down Uncle Vernon in PS1;

A new drawing by Keith James (who has finished drawing book one and now moved on to book two), depicting Harry staring into the garden hedge in CS1;

A brilliant portrait of Lucius Malfoy, drawn by Wacca and posted in CS14;

A Katie Hillman drawing of Percy Weasley studying, in PA16;

A stunning piece by TomScribble (one of my favorites of all time, and that’s saying something) that shows Harry with his Patronus in PA21;

A second beautiful TomScribble that shows Karkaroff confronting Snape in GF27;

And finally, three more new drawings by gerre as she continues working her way through Goblet of Fire:
-Ron being used as target practice by Harry in GF29;
-Dumbledore showing Harry his memory of Bertha Jorkins in GF30;
-and Harry entering the maze for the Third Task in GF31.

Enjoy! :)

~ by Josie on October 29, 2009.

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