Halfway Week, Day 7: Oh, That Dobby

Happy Harry Potter Day! Well, sort of. McGonagall suggests in the very first chapter of the books that “this day” may eventually be known as Harry Potter Day. The only problem is, the day Harry Potter vanquished Voldemort was the previous day – which was Halloween, a holiday wizards already celebrate. And of course, a few years later we’ll have another, much stronger candidate for Harry Potter Day. So it doesn’t really work, but it is technically correct. ;) ANYWAY….

I’m here to finish up Halfway Week celebrations with one more new essay, this time my book essay for Chamber of Secrets. I’ve used it to look more in depth at Dobby, and where he was coming from. I’m not yet 100% convinced that all of my conclusions are correct, so I’d love any thoughts you have in the comments. But I think I’ve thought of everything. So here goes:
Book Two Essay: What Did Dobby Know?

Incidentally, I’ve very much enjoyed Halfway Week. We’ve hit a lot of milestones, which I’ll spell out in my next post (a couple are due to be hit yet today). Tomorrow I’ll be back to having a little bit more RL time, but I’ll still be posting on my usual 2-3 day schedule. I’ve also got a couple of essays by other folks that I’ll eventually be posting, and a couple of ideas from readers of essays I can add to the collection myself. So I’ll be keeping busy. But thanks for reading this week – it’s been a blast.

See you in the second half of the series!

~ by Josie on November 1, 2009.

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