Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Thirteen

Back again with even more…. Umbridge! Yay! Can you tell I’m posting these chapters quickly because I can’t wait to be done with her character? ;) There is, however, some fantastic art in this chapter, which makes me excited to be posting it too, of course.

I was also struck by our chapter title today, and I thought I’d throw in a bit of trivia. If you think you know, you can post in the comments. No cheating, please!
1. Dolores Umbridge is one of only four characters whose first name is mentioned in two different chapter titles (in her case, OP12, ‘Dolores Umbridge,’ and OP13, ‘Detention With Dolores’). Anyone know who any of the other three characters are?
2. How about the character whose last name appears in the most chapter titles (five)?
3. And finally, Umbridge may be the subject of two straight chapter titles, but there is only one character who is ever mentioned in three straight chapter titles. Guesses there? Good luck!

And oh yes – here’s the chapter, too! :)

Order of the Phoenix, chapter thirteen: ‘Detention With Dolores’

~ by Josie on November 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Thirteen”

  1. 3. peter pettigrew – three of the later chapters in book 3? it’s like cat, rat, and dog; moony, wormtail, padfoot, and prongs; the servant of lord voldemort?
    2. maybe weasley? since i can think of a couple, though not five …

    also on a more related note – art for this chapter is wonderful, as always! I’ve become obsessed with heather campbell

  2. For number 2, I’d say Snape, and for number 3, I agree with empirexstate … for number 1: Hermione? For ‘Hermione’s Secret’ and ‘Hermione’s Helping Hand’; Dobby – ‘Dobby’s Warning’ and ‘Dobby’s Reward’ – and as to the last one, I’m afraid I’m stuck …

  3. Just as a very random piece of information, in the UK and Australian editions Chapter 12 is called “Professor Umbridge”, not “Dolores Umbridge”. No idea why, though. Loving these chapter guides too!

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