New Art!

Six new additions this morning to previously existing pages:

First, I came across a piece by Alicey that I’d seen before, but that was for some reason missing from my collections, of Ron and Neville looking nervously over a Howler in CS6;

Second, I went back through Drew Graham’s enormous Harry Potter art gallery, looking for art from Order of the Phoenix, and came across two great ones that I’d missed my first time through:
Mrs. Figg testifying in Harry’s hearing in OP8;
and the trio talking to Sirius in the fire in OP14.

Finally, gerre has always been one of my favorite artists, but she is also one of the few who is continuing to draw new canon fan art today, two and a half years after the final book was released. So I have three great new drawings of hers as well:
Snape blasting Lockhart at the Dueling Club in CS11;
Ron asking for Krum’s autograph in GF37; and
Hermione showing off her beetle (actually Rita Skeeter), also in GF37.

I’m closing in fast on some art milestones, too: we’re one artist away from #80; My collection is coming up on its 3,000th piece; and by the end of this week this website should have its 1,000th image posted (though this includes icons, etc. as well). Very exciting!

See you next time….

~ by Josie on November 24, 2009.

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