Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Twenty

For some reason, from the very first time I read the books, I was never really able to get into Hagrid. I can totally see where people would love him, but his blindness towards other people’s perspectives, not to mention his knack for getting himself into heaps of trouble, is so frustrating to me that I got after a while so I would cringe when he had a big scene. On the other hand, I think it’s impossible not to love him for his loyalty to Harry and Dumbledore (and loyalty in general, come to think of it). He means so well, and you just can’t help but feel badly for him. Ah well.

Anyway, we could all use a little more Hagrid in our lives, especially after nineteen chapters with scarcely a mention. Thus, I bring you:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, chapter twenty: ‘Hagrid’s Tale’

I’m also very pleased to introduce a lovely new artist, our first in a while and 80th (!) overall. A warm welcome to Pen-umbra!

~ by Josie on December 2, 2009.

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