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As I finish up writing Order of the Phoenix, I’m doing my now-traditional cleanup of the various files that have accumulated over the past couple of months. Consequently, I have several new pieces to add to the Companion. And there are few things I love than adding even more great art to chapters that I was already happy with. :)

First, I have pieces from two artists who have only recently joined our ranks, and for whom I realized each had an older picture I wanted to use as well. So I’ve added:
Julie Graham‘s portrait of Oliver Wood and his broomstick, to PS10;
-and White Elzora‘s drawing of the Weasleys in the Leaky Cauldron at the start of Harry’s third year, to PA4.

Secondly, I also came across a brilliant new artist, who I’m very happy to welcome aboard. Her name is MartinaC, and she’s done lots of great non-canon stuff, as well as a couple of canon pieces I’m excited about:
-A drawing of Bellatrix at her trial, as seen by Harry in Dumbledore’s Pensieve in GF30;
-and a fantastic depiction of The Daily Prophet the morning after the mass breakout of Azkaban, in OP25.

Finally, I also have two new pieces to add from an old friend, gerre, who has moved on from drawing Goblet of Fire scenes to the beginning chapters of Order of the Phoenix (she’s catching up to me):
-A marvelously detailed drawing of Mr. Weasley’s office at the Ministry of Magic, in OP7;
-and an embarrassingly accurate (for Harry, anyway) drawing of Harry’s Stinksap-filled encounter with Cho Chang on the Hogwarts Express in OP10.

By the way – I’ve also been doing more searching lately for new artists. If you know of any good Harry Potter fan artists who aren’t featured on this site, please drop a line in the comments of this message or send me an e-mail to – I’d always love more! Enjoy :)

~ by Josie on January 11, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for going back and adding these! I love the added detail these additional pictures give!

  2. Yay! New art!! I am so in love with Gerre’s drawings…
    I know a couple of artists who don’t have much canon stuff but they do good portraits and I really like their style:
    and Catching-Smoke

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