Anniversary Week, Day 2

Hello! I have something I’m very excited about coming online for the first time tonight. And if you notice it’s fairly late in the day, it’s because… I’ve been working on it all day, too! :)

As you can probably guess, when it comes to fan art, I have a very strong preference for canon – I’ve never been big on drawings that depict Harry Potter characters doing things that are outside the spirit of the books. But there is a category of art that falls into the grey area in between – that doesn’t necessarily correspond to specific scenes in the books, but that nevertheless is something that makes sense as part of the story line. Many of my favorite drawings fall into this category, and so from the infancy of this website, I’ve been thinking about what the best way would be to get some of those drawings involved.

Well after spending some pretty significant time the past few weeks pulling things together, I’m proud to debut a new section that I’m calling Harry Potter Off Camera. As I explain on the title page, it’s a section that’s all about the things the characters are doing when we aren’t reading about them – in movie terms, when the cameras are off. For example, during Harry’s first year we never hear of anything that happens to him in January. It’s not that January didn’t happen that year; he was simply doing things that weren’t interesting enough to put into the books. These drawings help fill those gaps (as well as the time before and after the stories take place).

So I’m starting today with a single page, consisting of off-camera drawings from Harry’s first two years at Hogwarts. And rest assured there will be more to come – some this week, and then lots more down the road.

Hope you enjoy!

Harry Potter Off Camera: Years 1-2

~ by Josie on February 1, 2010.

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  1. I think that this is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the website!

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