Anniversary Week, Day 4 (Belated)

Apologies for the belated post – yesterday got CRAZY on me and when I got home at 11:30 at night I just didn’t have the energy to post a new chapter. So we will have to have two updates today instead! And I imagine this particular one is one that a certain contingent of fans has likely been looking forward to….

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter two: ‘Spinner’s End’

On a side note, I wanted to mention that I recently ran across a Harry Potter “blogger” on tumblr. There’s a fairly large community of folks there who race to post as many HP-related posts as humanly possible (this particular person opened her account in December and has 137 pages or something). In their haste, none of them credit the sources of their material, but this particular girl apparently happened upon my website a few days ago, because she posted twenty updates in two days which were all content taken directly from this site, none with credit given, none with links, and tons with artwork used that didn’t credit the artists, either. I let her know I wasn’t happy with it and she stopped stealing my content, but she’s still posting stuff off of artists’ websites (especially Marta T’s) without giving any credit. Now these hundreds of people are seeing artwork (and reblogging to hundreds more) without knowing who drew it. From there it’s not long until others start taking credit themselves.

These artists are doing all of us a favor by posting their work online so we can enjoy it along with them. When things like this happen, it encourages people to stop doing just that out of fear that their work will be stolen. We all lose when that happens. So if you blog yourself, don’t be the person who steals other people’s work without credit. We don’t need more people actively working to make the world suck a little more.


~ by Josie on February 4, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the belated update, Josie. Love it, as always.

    That’s horrible about the blogger on tumblr. I know it’s easy to steal content and not credit the artist, but as Dumbledore says, you have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

    I’ll post in all my groups in HP land to try to avoid giving her more followers. I love all the artists’ work that I see, on the HPC and on their respective websites. That is disgusting of people to rip off such talented artists and steal their work, talent, and creativity.

  2. Thanks Jimma. The people at Tumblr have actually been really helpful, and have offered to remove any offending content and give her an official warning. So I just have to get all of that typed up for them, there’s a lot to list. :)

  3. You go, Josie. That’s just wrong. And I’m with Jimma, citing Dumbledore.

  4. Thanks, Anna. For what it’s worth I just spent two hours cataloguing the 49 instances of content theft that she had this week(!), both from this site and from the artists it supports. So hopefully they’ll get it all removed.

    Everybody loses when people do things like this. It just makes my skin crawl.

  5. Ditto.

  6. And one more update: her account was suspended. She got an official warning from Tumblr on Friday and posted two dozen more uncredited pictures over the weekend, so they cut her off this morning. Huge brownie points for Tumblr in my mind.

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