Anniversary Week, Day 6

Happy Friday! I’ve been asked several times now whether/when a book 5 essay would be coming out, and while I have to admit I had intended to post it earlier this week, I just couldn’t get it to a point that I was satisfied with, so I decided to go ahead and start posting HBP chapters without it. Until today, of course. :)

I think the storyline that fascinated me the most in Order of the Phoenix was the concept that Dumbledore was having Snape teach Occlumency to Harry, despite the fact that Voldemort wouldn’t want it to happen (and despite the fact that Voldemort would inevitably find out it was happening, given his connection to Harry). Why would he do that? Well, now we shall know! Or have a working theory, at least. Here goes my best shot, and I’d love to hear what you all think:

Essay: ‘Harry Potter, Occlumens?’

By the way, a follow-up to one of my other recent posts. I’ve been in contact with the folks at Tumblr about the “blogger” I was so furious about, who had been stealing content from this site and from artists that I work with here. I spent hours today compiling a list of content she’d stolen (49 posts in one week), and I’m very grateful to report that Tumblr has served her an ultimatum to remove the posts within 48 hours or else have her account suspended.

I should add that I never would have asked for this if she’d simply given credit to the artists involved, and linked to their/my websites, but she was apparently unwilling to do so (when I asked her to start crediting, she instead stopped posting artwork). I don’t know if she was worried people would stop following her for the sake of other sites, or simply couldn’t be bothered to take the time to link, or what. But at least there is now some justice. What was it that Dumbledore said about choosing between what is easy, and what is right….? ;)

~ by Josie on February 5, 2010.

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