Anniversary Week, Day 7

Today is a huge day for the Harry Potter Companion.

I first started e-mailing artists to ask permission to use their work on this website in November of 2008. I wasn’t sure how many I would be able to get in touch with (or how many would say yes), so before sending out the e-mails I sat down and wrote myself a list. Who would I need to hear back from in order for this site to be viable? I ultimately divided the artists into several categories, and the top category was simply the six or seven giants of the fan art world. I wrote on that list that I couldn’t see doing the site unless I heard back from every single name on that list. I was lucky enough to hear back from all but one, and decided to move forward with the site despite what I felt was a glaring omission.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was starting to work on chapters for Half-Blood Prince, and as I looked through the artwork I remembered why that final artist was on my highest priority list: there are a couple of chapters coming up later in this book that I absolutely could not see being what I wanted without her. So I resolved to do whatever it took to contact her. And thanks to some help from reallycorking, I finally succeeded – it turned out my earlier e-mails had all gone astray, and she was excited to be a part of the site.

I could not possibly be more excited to welcome Mudblood428 to the HPC.

As you’ll see if you click the link to her page, Mudblood428 was probably my original inspiration for this website. And her drawings are some of the best Harry Potter fan art there is. So today I’ve added twelve of her best to the chapters that I’ve already posted – and rest assured, there will be more to come. Here are the drawings:

‘Good Luck, Harry’ from PS1;

‘First Impressions’ from PS4;

‘Happy Birthday to Yeh’ from PS4;

‘Gryffindor’s New Seeker’ from PS9;

‘Bad Dobby!’ from CS2;

‘It’s All Right’ from CS17;

‘Riddikulus!’ from PA7;

‘Expecto Patronum!’ from PA12;

‘Priori Incantatem’ from GF34;

‘What’s He Done to You?’ from OP28;

‘A Visit to Hagrid’s’ from Harry Potter Off Camera: Years 1-2; and

‘His Heart’s Desire’ from Harry Potter Off Camera: Years 1-2.


~ by Josie on February 6, 2010.

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  1. Great anniversary week, Josie – I’ve really enjoyed the new material!

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