Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Five

The first time I read through Half-Blood Prince, I generally didn’t dwell too much on the chapter titles as I got to each new chapter. After all, it’s pretty typical of Rowling’s writing that we don’t know what the titles are referring to when we first get to them (look at our titles so far: ‘The Other Minister,’ ‘Spinner’s End,’ ‘Will and Won’t,’ ‘Horace Slughorn’). So generally I gloss over whatever the chapter title is and get to reading the chapter.

The only chapter that I really remember being an exception to this rule is this one right here. I remember reading it initially and just being stopped in my tracks. What the heck could that be referring to? I thought about it for a few seconds before giving up and plowing ahead with the reading, but you probably could have given me a year to guess and I wouldn’t have come up with the right answer. Ah well.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter five: ‘An Excess of Phlegm’

~ by Josie on February 21, 2010.

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  1. I’m very interested in chapter titles. I usually read through the chapter, then go back so see what the title was and if I think it’s appropriate. Or I keep the title in mind and try to find references to it throughout the chapter. In the HP books they greatly help me find stuff I’m trying to look up.

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