Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Ten

The night that Half-Blood Prince was released was a memorable one for me. My wife and I went to a midnight release party with some friends, but our purchasing of the new book was complicated by the fact that my father had generously pre-ordered one for us through Amazon. So, with a copy set to arrive the next morning, we decided it would be wasteful to buy two copies at the midnight release party, and just got one. She then went to bed when we got home as I stayed up reading (I still owe her for that one).

The complicated part, though, came in the morning, when she had a 6am flight to Boston, whereas I was staying behind at home. I had only gotten through about two-thirds of the book by this point, but had to give her the copy we’d bought so that she could read it – and I spent the rest of the morning waiting for FedEx to show up with the second copy. Thus I spent many hours that morning trying to sleep and instead thinking about Harry, Dumbledore, and, of course, our newfound knowledge of Tom Riddle, wondering what Dumbledore’s excursions into the Pensieves were all about.

The book finally showed up around 1pm (after an excruciating seven hours – I couldn’t go online either, for fear of spoilers!), and I started over and read it cover to cover when it arrived. But to this day, one of my favorite parts of the book is Dumbledore’s giving Harry the backstory of Tom Riddle’s life, which I spent the better part of that morning thinking and wondering about. The pensieve scenes are fascinating, for so many reasons, and so important to the rest of the story. And I still think of that morning every time I read one. :)

Enjoy! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter ten: ‘The House of Gaunt’

~ by Josie on April 15, 2010.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to post new chapters, Josie. When you said on April 2 that you couldn’t commit to posting regularly, I was afraid we’d only see a new chapter once every couple of months. I hope you’re feeling less burned out by this project, because all of your readers are enjoying it so much. :-)

  2. Thanks Billie! Don’t worry, I’ll be updating much more often than once every couple of months. What burned me out was pressuring myself to do each update no more than three days apart, so I was often having to sit down and write chapters when I didn’t really have time, or didn’t really feel like it. It’s much nicer for me this way – for example, these last two were five days apart (I think), but I enjoy it more and I imagine the product is probably better, too.

    I’ll still be posting fairly regularly – just not quite so much as before. :)

  3. Love that story about the book release. That was always the dilemma about pre-ordering, but our kids were too young to appreciate a midnight book release party, so we just waited.

    We also got them on audio books and made ourselves only listen to one chapter per day, so we could have a month of Harry until the next installment. :)

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