Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Seventeen

So after a quick, one-chapter-long detour, it’s back to Hogwarts for Harry, and back to memory-watching for us. I love the insight these chapters give us, not just into Voldemort, but into Dumbledore – we learn what he’s been up to, what the focus of his life has been in recent years, and indeed a large part of why the Order of the Phoenix exists. After all, would you confide in the Ministry if you learned of the Horcruxes?

These chapters are also a big part of the reason that this is the first book in which Ron isn’t the second most-mentioned character after Harry (it’s Dumbledore instead; Ron is third). The focus of the series is turning away from the kids and towards the adults, and finally resting squarely on Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter seventeen: ‘A Sluggish Memory’

Of course in the seventh book the second most-mentioned character isn’t Dumbledore OR Ron, or Voldemort for that matter. Trivia question of the day – who is it?

~ by Josie on May 20, 2010.

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  1. Where did you find this most-mentioned character list? Seriously, did someone sit and count the number of times each character was mentioned.

    As for 2nd most mentioned character in DH, Hermione?

  2. I want to guess Hermione too …

  3. Hermione for me too. Who else could it be? Unless…. Snape??? Nah.. I think it’s our “Hermy”. :D And probably because Ron was absent for a few chapters in DH. I still can’t quite forgive him for that.

  4. Yes, it’s Hermione – edges out Ron thanks to the several chapters that he’s not around for in the middle of the book. Good call, Pam A. ;) I’ll be posting my source in the next few days, keep a look out for it.

  5. Okay, my previous comment didn’t show up so I’ll repeat it here.

    The second most-mentioned character in DH is probably Hermione. And probably because Ron was absent for a few chapters. I still can’t quite forgive him for leaving Harry and Hermione.

  6. okay.. apparently, it showed up. Sorry for the double post. And for spamming.

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