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Well, not quite so long a gap between posts this time, eh? Thank goodness.

I’ve been enjoying getting back into things the last two days – hundreds of new comments to read through, e-mails to respond to, and so on. I also decided that before writing new chapters I should go back through the chapters I’ve already done, as I think having it all refreshed in my brain will help with the quality of the new chapters I’ll be writing. So I started at the beginning, and have now gotten through books one and two – I’ve made lots of minor tweaks here and there on the pages, and responded to comments on quite a few of them as well. But bigger picture, I’ve also added some new stuff that I thought might be of interest to those who have already read through the site:

– I decided to finally weigh in on the big debate regarding the number of students at Hogwarts, on the page for PS7;

– I added some new commentary about the rules and nature of Quidditch as a sport to PS11;

– I gave some new background information on Fluffy, and some interesting parallels Rowling drew to Greek mythology while writing him, with PS16;

– I added a wonderful new drawing of the Burrow by Keith James in CS3;

– I added a drawing by one of my favorite artists, mneomosyne, from whom I discovered a treasure trove of pieces I hadn’t previously seen (and which I’ve been saving to add to the site for some months now). This one is a fantastic drawing of Moaning Myrtle, which I put on the page for CS9;

– And finally, I wrote some new thoughts, largely inspired by reader comments, regarding why Snape had Malfoy throw a snake at Harry in the Dueling Club, on the page for CS11.

Hope you enjoy – back with books 3, 4, and 5 in the near future, and then – new chapters!

~ by Josie on August 23, 2010.

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  1. OMG. I’m quoted in your chapter comments!!!!! =D

    I’m honored.

    Btw, welcome back in the saddle, Josie!!

  2. Nice additions. And glad to have you back.

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