New Stuff: PA & GF

I was surprised as I went through my pages for books three and four that I had fewer updates for these than I did for books one and two, given that these have so many more chapters. But perhaps I got more comfortable with my format as I was writing… who knows. Anyway, I once again made lots of small changes and comments on various pages, but also four bigger additions that I thought I’d highlight:

– I added new thoughts (with much help from a reader) on Dumbledore’s comment that Harry and Hermione couldn’t have possibly been in “two places at once,” in PA22;

– I added some information that I’d noticed before but apparently never written down about the Weasleys’ clock and a probable mistake of Rowling’s, in GF10;

– I inserted a beautiful drawing of Harry and the prisoners in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, done by the amazingly talented Mudblood428, to GF26;

– I also added a great piece of the “Pensieve Four,” created by VikingCarrot, to the page for GF30.


~ by Josie on August 24, 2010.

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  1. Welcome back, Josie! It sounds like you’ve had quite a summer – I’m glad things have quieted down a bit.

    Your updates have been so fun! I’m enjoying going through the older material, not only for your updates but to see all the new posts that have been added in the past few months.

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