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Whew. So Order of the Phoenix took quite a bit longer than the other books to go through, mostly due to the fact that there were far more comments on its pages! But I’ve now finished reading through the pages, making tons of small tweaks and replies to comment threads, and also (as before) adding some great new stuff:

– A great drawing of Ron, depressed after his disastrous Quidditch match, done by Mudblood428 and added to OP19;

– A new drawing of James torturing Snape by FrizzyHermione, as well as some new thoughts of mine on the magic of Pensieves, in OP28;

– A new comment made by a reader about Dumbledore’s awesomeness that I loved so much I pulled it up onto the page, in OP36;

– A re-thinking of Harry’s perspective on the prophecy, in OP37;

– And finally, a series of fantastic drawings by gerre, one of my favorite artists, who’s been working her way through book five over the past few months:
   –> Hagrid dealing with Umbridge in his class in OP21;
   –> Luna and Harry noticing Dobby’s “HAVE A VERY HARRY CHRISTMAS!” decorations in the Room of Requirement, also in OP21;
   –> Sirius saying goodbye to Harry after Christmas break, in OP24;
   –> Pansy making fun of Harry and Cho on their way to Hogsmeade, in OP25;
   –> Ginny and Harry in the library, in OP29; and
   –> Harry getting Snape’s attention in front of Umbridge, in OP32.

Enjoy – I’ll be back soon with HBP!

~ by Josie on August 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “New Stuff: OP”

  1. Wow, it’s an honour to have my comment highlighted. Great to have you back, Josie!

  2. “Hagrid dealing with Rita Skeeter in his class in OP21;”
    Rita Skeeter? Most likely Dolores Umbridge…

  3. By the way there’s also a slight spelling error in Hogsmeade.

  4. Yeah, thanks Jose Lopes – he dealt with Rita Skeeter in his class the previous year, I suppose. Can you tell I was desperately trying to get this post finished before heading out the door to work? :P

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