Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Twenty-Four

I don’t know why it is that I react the way I do when Harry makes a mistake – we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and I certainly make plenty of them myself. Yet somehow when Harry does something that I know is stupid I just cringe and want to yell at him, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??” Perhaps it’s because I spend so much time relating to him in the books, but I can’t remember another character I’ve ever reacted to so strongly when he does something that just plain isn’t smart. And in the case of casting the Sectumsempra spell, is completely horrifying. But Harry is human, and one of the beautiful things about the story is that he does what he does, makes occasional stupid decisions just like we all do, and makes mistakes – sometimes small, sometimes big. I can definitely relate… but not without the occasional why-didn’t-he-just-do-the-freaking-obvious-right-thing! type of thought rushing through my brain….

I do want to welcome one new addition to our artist team with this chapter – hooray for Dunland!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter twenty-four: ‘Sectumsempra’

~ by Josie on September 10, 2010.

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  1. Oh boy do I know what you mean. Perhaps it’s because is so human, and so prone to messing up like a real human, that we anticipate as much regret for his mistakes as if they were our own. Thus this visceral OH GOD NO whenever we see a grave error on the horizon :)

  2. I know what you mean! I can hardly read this chapter without cringing and mentally yelling at harry!

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