Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Twenty-Nine

And so we continue to move forward, one chapter from the end of the book. One of the things I’ve always loved about this chapter (which Rowling does throughout her books but particularly here) is her portrayal of the adults in Harry’s life as fallible, emotional, *real* people. It’s symbolic of where Harry is, too; in the first couple of books he saw the adults around him through the more naive lens of a child, but as he’s grown up this has become less true. Now, with his final parental figure taken from him, he has fully entered the adult world and sees it appropriately. Lupin and McGonagall lose control at news of Dumbledore’s death; Hagrid is forced to overcome his child-like insistence that Dumbledore will always be there for him; Molly and Fleur finally get over their bitter feud; and Lupin and Tonks prove fallible in matters of love. By the end of the chapter Harry even ends up in a teachers’ meeting, where he’s one of the four people that the new Hogwarts headmaster begins her new position by consulting. By the next book, Harry will be ready to act as a full adult himself – and in many cases, as much more of one than the older adults do around him.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter twenty-nine: ‘The Phoenix Lament’

~ by Josie on October 10, 2010.

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  1. Totally agree with you Josie. JK does a great job showing a growth in Harry’s view point. I think one of the biggest turning points in Harry’s view of adults is when Dumbledore says “The world isn’t made up of good people and death eaters”. You cab really see this growth in DH when he tells Lupin off for not being there with his child.

  2. Actually it was Sirius who said that.

  3. Josie, it seems that we are all far too ready to nag you when you don’t churn out the chapters as fast as a bunch of addicts could wish! But you’ve been doing wonderfully well lately, and I do thank you! Also for the art, which keeps on getting better.

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