Harry Potter Off Camera: Years 5-6

Some more recent followers of this site may not be familiar with the ‘Harry Potter Off Camera’ section – it’s a bit off the beaten path of the things I’m usually doing. But I’ve really enjoyed building these pages (though they take a *lot* more work than the regular ones) because there are a number of drawings that I absolutely love, but which simply don’t fit in any of the individual chapters – and believe me, I tried some of them in four or five different places before coming to that sad conclusion. :) So today, as I prepare to begin with the final book, I’m posting one more ‘Off Camera’ for events that happened during Harry’s fifth and sixth years at Hogwarts. You can find the page here or read more about my ‘Off Camera’ concept (and see the other two pages I’ve posted thus far) on its main page, here.

As a side note, one thing that really struck me in building these three pages is how easily the books can be grouped in pairs. I think this is especially true of Harry – he really matures most at the end of his second year (with defeating the basilisk, not to mention growing up), at the end of his fourth year (with Cedric’s death), and at the end of his sixth year (with leaving Hogwarts). In some ways books 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 can each be read as two halves of a single story for Harry, with a major shift in his life happening at the end of each. I don’t know that I ever grouped the books this way before, and I only did it here for convenience in building the pages, but it sort of gave me a new way to look at them that I thought was interesting.

Anyway, my new show is up and running and I’m out of tech until January, so I’ll be back soon with book seven!

~ by Josie on November 9, 2010.

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