Deathly Hallows, Chapter Six

From Harry’s perspective (and Ron’s and Hermione’s), leaving Hogwarts to seek Horcruxes seems perfectly logical – indeed, it seems like the only option they have. But it’s hard to imagine how this must feel to the rest of the family. Molly comes across as incredibly interfering and annoying to the kids, but she has no idea what they’re off to do; what a terrifying prospect to have to face. Meanwhile Ginny will soon be back at Hogwarts, wondering every day about the whereabouts of her brother and quasi-boyfriend. Even Arthur and the older Weasley boys, while choosing to trust Ron’s word, must be incredibly nervous for their safety. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for them….

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter six: ‘The Ghoul in Pyjamas’

I should also add one footnote – I have another new artist to welcome to the HPC. :) Kara-lija‘s drawing actually appears in the previous chapter, DH5, but I didn’t hear back from her until the chapter had already been posted. However, she has a wonderful drawing of Ron and Hermione reuniting at the Burrow, so I thought I’d add it to the page all the same and give her a quick shout-out. Welcome, Kara-lija!

~ by Josie on December 4, 2010.

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