New Essay: Needing More Time

About a year ago, as I was beginning to post the essays section of this site, I set out a goal that I would write an essay pertaining to each book of the series. At the time, however, I only had solid ideas for essays from books one, two, four, and five; ever since, book three has been a missing gap in that series. There just wasn’t anything in there profound enough to inspire me to write an essay.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, for some reason I started thinking about the Time-Turner. And how that whole episode must have looked to the adults who were involved. Particularly Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, and Fudge. And the more I thought things through, the more I realized that Rowling did an absolutely impeccable job thinking through all of the details of the Time-Turner. Most of the time, when I start digging deep enough into backstory behind a book, I run into a few problems – things that don’t quite make sense together, or that take a couple of backbends to explain, or that don’t quite fit a character. But not this time. It all makes sense. And in fact I had some trouble writing the essay simply because I kept thinking of fascinating details that clicked into place but which muddied the essay. So quite a few of them ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

I especially love this because the Time-Turner is the kind of thing that gets confusing very fast for a whole lot of people, but which I’ve never had too much trouble understanding (I tend to think pretty logically in general). It’s also the kind of mathematical thinking that often gets Rowling in trouble. But whether she had a really good editor help iron out details, or simply spent a whole lot of time working it out on her own, the result is one more tick on my growing list of reasons to be in awe of J.K. Rowling.

Here are my thoughts on the particulars:
Seven Years, Seven Essays, Year Three: ‘Needing More Time’

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  1. I’m so Happy!!! I love the essays, and can’t wait to start reading this one – but i’m so excited i just had to say so before i actually started in on it.

    Love the site. The pictures are nice, but i check for updates everyday because of your commentary.


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