A Million Thanks

Well. This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for some time, and yet a very humbling one as well. It’s a day that I owe an enormous ‘THANK YOU’ to everybody reading these words, for visiting this site and commenting and participating and continuing to share Harry Potter. The reason I say all this? This evening, the Harry Potter Companion received its one millionth page view.

I started work on this site in 2007 because I anticipated that most Harry Potter fan sites out there wouldn’t last. Most were frankly built for the fandom as it existed while the books were being released, and as the final book had just come out, I knew it would be a matter of time before most, if not all, were neglected and out-of-date (as I expected, many already are, and I’m sure more will follow after the final movie is released this year). I wanted to build a site that would be more enduring, that was designed from start to finish with the entire series in mind, and that would be able to celebrate the series as a whole in a way other sites simply weren’t designed to do. Right now, I believe I’m the only site out there doing that, though I’m sure we will be welcoming more into the fold as the years continue on. Building this has been hard work and it hasn’t always been easy to keep… writing… more… chapters…. ;) but you all have stuck with me and sent your friends over to see us as well. So I will be forever grateful for that.

Many artists, when they reach page-view milestones, post a special piece of artwork to say thanks; I decided weeks ago that I wanted to do something similar that would fit the HPC. So I decided to begin work on a section I’ve been contemplating for almost as long as this site has been around, and which I’m planning to start serious work on once I’ve finished all the pages for Deathly Hallows. The section I’m talking about is called ‘Character Portraits,’ and uses artwork intermixed with quotes from the books and quotes from Rowling’s interviews to paint a portrait of a character, HPC-style. As a sort of sneak-preview-slash-thank-you-gift, I’m posting the first of them here today. And who better to start us off?

Character Portrait: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

With this I also need to welcome three new artists to the site: Agatha Macpie; Lisa Villella; and VivalaVida. Welcome to you all. :)

Finally, I wanted to share a few statistics. The HPC went live with five chapters on February 4, 2009. In addition to our 1,000,000 page views, we can now also boast:
– 103 artists;
– 312 pages;
– over 4500 comments; and
– around 1400 individual pieces of artwork.
Thanks again, to all of you. And I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years may bring. See you around!


~ by Josie on January 24, 2011.

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  1. I’ve always felt this site was a lot more intimate than others (I love reading comments and guessing who said what in the conversation before looking at names), so I can’t believe you’ve had 1,000,000 page views already! Congratulations on setting up such a wonderful site and having the cooperation of so many talented and creative artists!

  2. I found the site in November/December 2010, and its great, I think in this short duration of my acquaintance with HPC, I must have visited it quite a number of times,trying to cover all previous pages. Kudos, Josie. I wish I found this site while I was reading the books for the first time.

  3. Congratulations Josie! You’ve done an amazing job.
    Whenever I get sad and start missing old times, I pop in here for a visit with you and Harry. =)

  4. Josie, a million congratulations are in order!! Bravo! This site has truly rekindled my love for analyzing the books in minute detail. In fact, it played a large role in my deciding to do two book-based presentations at Aeternitas 2011, and I just heard back that I will in fact get to do them both. And one stems almost entirely from the discussions we’ve had in various comments sections regarding Snape and his anger issues.

    I would like to take issue with your claim of all the other sites falling into disrepair and you being the only one celebrating the series in its entirety. I grant you, that is true, with notable examples being the Lexicon (hasn’t been updated in many months) and Leaky (reduced to British celebrity gossip). However, one just has to look at Mugglenet to know this is not always the case. They still post fascinating news items abotu the fandom, they’re going thru the books chapter-by-chapter on MuggleCast (kinda like this site is). They have a comprehensive Encyclopedia, and still occasionally post editorials. So while this site is fantastic, it is not alone! Which can only be described as a really good thing.

  5. No, Josie – thank you. You wouldn’t have a million pages views without your vision, insightful commentary, and hard work. This site is a joy to visit and I’m so happy to hear that, even once you’ve finished with Deathly Hallows, there will still be more updates to come.

    Thank you for giving us this cozy little nook of the internet to relive the magic of Harry Potter in such a unique and beautiful way.

  6. Congratulations!! Thank you very much for this site.
    I agree that other sites were only any good when the books were still coming out; now, as hpboy13 said, many sites have sadly devolved into British celebrity gossip.
    Anyway, you are doing a great job, keep it up!!!

  7. You’re the one who should be getting the thanks for all the work you put down here on the site – I have it in my Favorites and I visit at least twice a day to check if there’s a new chapter posted – and if there is, my day is a lot better and I read your insights with a lot of joy and I don’t want it to end.
    I bought The Complete Harry Potter Collection yesterday, because so far, I’ve only read the books in Swedish (which, to be honest, despite their beautiful covers are quite badly translated), and I plan on reading all of them in English this summer.
    And, when I do, I’ll be following each chapter here, to make the expereince as rich as possible.

  8. Congratulations!!!
    This is one of my favourites HP sites! Ever since I discovered it 2 years ago I always come at least once a week to check the chpaters and the artist. It’s a great combination!!
    Thanks for everything you’ve given us so far and I wish you many years more to come.

  9. Congrats! I agree, this website has also seemed pretty intimate, with the little discussions in the comments. There’s so much Harry Potter fanart online and sometimes you really just don’t know where to start with it. This is a fantastic idea for a website and is a great way for people to be introduced to Harry Potter fanart.


  10. And a million thank to you. I’ve been reading and watching this site for quite some time, and really admire you insight.
    And thanks for all the people responding on this site, there are a lot of good discussions here, where people almost always stay very polite towards each other. Something you unfortunately don’t see on every website..

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