Deathly Hallows, Chapter Twenty-One

I should start with a thanks to all of you for your patience the last couple weeks – longtime followers know that I work in theatre, and I’ve been in the midst of one of the craziest periods of tech rehearsals I can remember. However, the end is in sight! Which should hopefully allow me a bit more time over here again.

I love this chapter for lots of reasons, but one of the big ones is the Tale of the Three Brothers itself – Rowling captures the style of the fairy tale so eloquently, and the image of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Xeno sitting around in a circle, engrossed in Hermione’s reading of the story from its original runes, is so vivid and captivating in my mind. And there’s a hint of destiny in the air as well – Hermione’s finally landed on a reason for this bequest from Dumbledore, and if it proves to be anything as important as the Deluminator was for Ron, the path that the trio is taking is almost certainly changing with the reading of this story. It’s a beautiful way of building the anticipation for the climax of the series, in the characters’ own minds. And I find it to be one of the most beautiful passages Rowling has written.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter twenty-one: ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’

~ by Josie on April 8, 2011.

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  1. We had previous situations when you were absent for a longer period, this time was less than a month. For someone who is waiting several years for George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons this is nothing (one thing good about GRRM’s is that he does’nt disappear for such long periods, we have some message from him at least once a week).

  2. Don’t worry about it! I do know how theater can be a time suck. What do you do? And since I’m in the Chicago area I feel obligated to ask, what are you working on?

  3. empirexstate, I work at Timeline Theatre in Lakeview (I’m part-time staff there, so I work on all their shows), and we’re putting up The Front Page this coming week. :)

  4. Awesome! I’m living in the Chicago area for most of the year and am sort of a theatre kid, so I was curious :)

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