Deathly Hallows, Chapter Twenty-Three

First, a quick order of business – I want to extend a warm welcome to all the folks who have found this site for the first time in the past few days! Somehow the HPC ended up on StumbleUpon, and while I confess I’ve never so much as visited the site (much less have any idea how it actually works), it’s nice to have some new faces around. So, welcome! Feel free to kick your feet up, have a look around, and join the conversations.

On to the new chapter: And it’s hard to beat this one for drama. But more importantly, I also view it as an incredible turning point in the wizarding war. I mention on the new page that I think the fact that Voldemort is stationed so openly at Malfoy Manor is indicative of how the war has gone so far: very badly for the Order of the Phoenix. After all, it wouldn’t be hard for them to guess where the Death Eaters are. Yet while they all cower in hiding (forced even to go weeks between Potterwatch broadcasts!), the Death Eaters can simply function as though they own the town.

And then, Harry Potter shows up.

At first glance, of course, this would seem to be the final death knell for the Order. But then, of course, Harry escapes. And while he doesn’t realize it immediately, he’ll eventually discover that he’s escaped with all kinds of new information and ammunition that will propel him (and the story) forward. And of course, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize what must have happened to Bellatrix and the Malfoys – previously known as Voldemort’s most loyal servants – once the Dark Lord realized they let Harry Potter slip from their grasp. Oh, the tides are beginning to turn….

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter twenty-three: ‘Malfoy Manor’

~ by Josie on April 23, 2011.

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  1. Josie, I know we’ve said PotterCast likely inspired Potterwatch, but the characters are going weeks without Potterwatches, not Pottercasts ;)

  2. Darn it! How embarrassing. And I’ve never even listened to a Pottercast. :) Thanks for the correction!

  3. Hello! I hate to bug you with a question like this, but do you know if the Harry Potter Lexicon will be back up? Or do they plan to forget about it? Thanks!

  4. Hi Lilly, you’re not bugging me! I don’t have a *real* answer for you – the staff of the Lexicon is down to one person (I personally resigned in 2008) and it’s been many, many months since I’ve spoken with him. However, given that there have been basically no updates since the lawsuit broke in 2007, I’m much more inclined to hold my breath for the day it disappears altogether than I am for the day it comes back to life. It makes me so sad to say it, as it was once such a beautiful site (and one I poured many, many hours of my life into for several years), and I may yet be proved wrong, but it’s such a disaster right now that it’s hard to envision much of a future. :(

  5. Thanks for answering so quickly! I thought you might have a decent idea, so thank you! It is quite sad though, the lexicon was amazing. This just further proves my point, our beautiful fandom is weening down… Very few people continue to make fanart or write any fanfiction. :(

    But thanks again, anyway!

  6. I don’t believe the Lexicon will ever disappear altogether, I think if nothing else it will just become a fantastic archived resource. But yeah, about two years ago I finally stopped checking regularly for updates. Alas, it was fun while it lasted, and makes me even more grateful for this site!

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