Deathly Hallows, Chapter Twenty-Seven

Up to now it’s regularly seemed that Harry’s quest for Horcruxes could take years, even decades. He is lacking so much information and has so little to go on! But playing his hunch that one Horcrux might be in Bellatrix’s vault at Gringotts has set the wheels turning: now Voldmort knows he’s Horcrux-hunting, and instead of having as much time as he needs, Harry is down to simply a matter of hours. I can hear the dramatic music slowly fading in, in the background….

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter twenty-seven: ‘The Final Hiding Place’

~ by Josie on May 5, 2011.

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  1. ” I can hear the dramatic music slowly fading in, in the background” –

    …..will he reach the last chapter before the final film comes out? At the present rate, it will be a close run thing……

    I llok forward to each one: but please don’t rush – each chapter is worth savouring.

  2. Haha, thanks Timbo! I confess I haven’t been thinking about the movie; my recent run of posts have been due to my excitement over reaching the end of the books, coupled with the fact that it looked like a possibility my current part-time job might jump to full time on July 1 (so I was scared to not be finished by then). As it turns out I’ll be staying part-time, so we’ll see how that translates in terms of my recent fervor for writing chapters. :)

  3. keep in mind Josie, how many comments we have all had about not being able to put the book down from Aberforth on…with all due respect to Timbo, please don’t dawdle! We can’t put your site down either!!! My kids and I can hardly wait!

  4. Haha, thanks Brett! Neither of you needs to worry… I don’t think I’ve ever posted (or not posted) a chapter simply due to the request of a reader. It really just comes down to when I have the time and energy for it. I’ve had more time recently but as I near the end of the book there’s a *lot* of artwork to wade through, so I’ll keep doing what I can!

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