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So… the results are in! If you missed the original challenge you can find it here.

I would say that as a general rule, you all did pretty well. A couple of different people looked through the pages on this website to determine which chapters had the most artwork – and interestingly got different answers from each other – and generally had stronger scores than most. Here were the top ten most-drawn chapters, and the number of points you got for selecting each one:

1. DH33, The Prince’s Tale – 84 (all 13 respondents guessed this one)
2. DH36, The Flaw in the Plan – 42 (8)
3. HBP24, Sectumsempra – 39 (10)
4. PA21, Hermione’s Secret – 36 (3)
5. HBP14, Felix Felicis – 33 (3)
6T. GF23, The Yule Ball – 30 (6)
6T. DH32, The Elder Wand – 30 (2)
8T. HBP2, Spinner’s End – 29 (2)
8T. DH19, The Silver Doe – 29 (8)
10T. HBP27, The Lightning-Struck Tower – 28 (2)
10T. DH8, The Wedding – 28 (1)
10T. DH34, The Forest Again – 28 (2)

Here are the other chapters that were guessed that weren’t in the top ten:
13. DH31, The Battle of Hogwarts – 27 (11)
14T. OP28, Snape’s Worst Memory – 26 (10)
14T. OP35, Beyond the Veil – 26 (4)
16T. PS12, The Mirror of Erised – 24 (2)
16T. OP10, Luna Lovegood – 24 (1)
19. HBP26, The Cave – 23 (6)
20T. PS1, The Boy Who Lived – 22 (5)
20T. CS17, The Heir of Slytherin – 22 (1)
20T. PA15, The Quidditch Final – 22 (1)
20T. OP21, The Eye of the Snake – 22 (1)
20T. OP34, The Department of Mysteries – 22 (2)
27T. PS2, The Vanishing Glass – 20 (1)
27T. PA17, Cat, Rat, and Dog – 20 (1)
33T. HBP28, Flight of the Prince – 19 (3)
33T. DH4, The Seven Potters – 19 (2)
33T. DH23, Malfoy Manor – 19 (3)
39T. OP36, The Only One He Ever Feared – 18 (4)
39T. PA14, Snape’s Grudge – 18 (1)
46T. PS5, Diagon Alley – 16 (1)
46T. DH7, The Will of Albus Dumbledore – 16 (2)
52T. DHe, Nineteen Years Later – 15 (1)
58T. GF20, The First Task – 14 (2)
68T. PS16, Through the Trapdoor – 13 (1)
109T. HBP1, The Other Minister – 10 (1)
143T. GF34, Priori Incantatem – 8 (3)
171T. OP18, Dumbledore’s Army – 6 (1)
178T. DH21, The Tale of the Three Brothers – 5 (1)

Here are the chapters that were commonly drawn but guessed by nobody at all:
16T. HBP30, The White Tomb – 24
20T. PS6, The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters – 22
26. HBP5, An Excess of Phlegm – 21
27T. PA8, Flight of the Fat Lady – 20
27T. PA22, Owl Post Again – 20
27T. OP29, Careers Advice – 20
27T. HBP15, The Unbreakable Vow – 20

And finally, just for fun, the least-drawn chapters of all:
194T. GF6, The Portkey – 3
194T. OP17, Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four – 3
194T. DH12, Magic is Might – 3
197T. GF3, The Invitation – 2
197T. DH3, The Dursleys Departing – 2
197T. DH25, Shell Cottage – 2


SO. There is a prize that needs awarding. And I’ve actually decided to give out not one, but two prizes. First, here is our score list (and let me know if I counted yours wrong, it’s possible):
Maximum Possible Score – 380
Berit – 362
Heather – 350
Anastacia Malfoy – 346
Will – 345
Lorena – 337
Squib71 – 336
Natalia – 332
hazelwillow – 329
Andrea – 316
Clare – 296
Josiah – 272
Danielle – 272
hpboy13 – 242

So Berit is our winner! But there’s one more prize I want to award, for someone who got in just under the wire and selected what proved to be the most difficult chapter – DH8, The Wedding, was the only chapter that was in the top ten yet selected by only one contestant. So for nailing that response, I’m also going to give our illustrious prize to Clare. Congrats to you both! And I’ll be emailing you soon to discuss what pages you’d like to see on the HPC.

Thanks everyone, it’s been fun. :-D


~ by Josie on June 27, 2011.

9 Responses to “Contest Results”

  1. Hooray for surprise prizes! Congrats to Berit and Clare. Choose your characters wisely. ;)

  2. 2nd place? SO CLOSE! If only I had guessed Hermione’s Secret – I had it then changed my mind.

    Pretty proud of myself that I got the top 3 scenes though- and all of mine were in the top 20 chapters!

    (My choice would have been Remus J Lupin for the character portrait)

  3. Oh, I also considered The Wedding, but apparently changed my mind, or maybe I even confused it with chapter 7. But never mind, congratulations to the winners! I’m looking forward to new character portraits.

  4. I added up my score and counted 330 instead (not that it drastically changes the rankings… just made me feel slightly better about some of my chapter choices :) ). Thanks so much Josie! That was fun! Congrats to Berit for such great guessing, and Clare for being creative!

  5. OK I know nobody really cares but I’m pretty sure I got 344, not 345.

  6. Wow, I was waaaaaay off – only got two of the top 10 (though I did guess HBP27, which only one other person got). Alas, now I have to wait for my portrait of Luna. Congrats to the winners!

  7. I didn’t have time to sit and really think about it but I’ll have to admit that I wouldn’t have done very well. It was very interesting to see the rankings of chapters. Deathly Hallows is well represented! Thanks for all that hard work and for posting the results!

  8. Yayies! Thanks for the contest Josie! It was fun, though time consuming. I spend 3 hours going through EVERY page on the Companion. Then I found I misunderstood. The contest was how many YOU have, which are not all on the Companion. I remember that moment precisely, because it was that moment I said, “Oh well, another lost contest.” Thank you for bringing back my hope :))

  9. Ohh yay! And @Natalia, I think I’m going to request a character page for Remus so you get your Remus character portrait in the end anyway :D

    Thanks Josie, this was definitely an interesting contest :)

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