Character Portrait: Remus Lupin

Many of you may recall a while back when I posted a contest to see who could guess which Harry Potter chapters were the most drawn (at least according to my art collection). Not having much to offer as a prize, I promised that the winner would get to choose which page I would next design and post to the site. I had a couple of other pages in development at the time that I’ve posted since, but I’m finally now reaching the point of making good on my promise. I awarded two prizes, but first up is Clare, who requested a character portrait of Remus Lupin. So thanks Clare, and here it is!

I love Lupin especially because his character is so real – his wonderful attributes and his flaws are so pronounced, and so in tandem with each other. I’ve met people very much like him, and I think we can all on some level relate to his desire to be liked and desire to belong, yet feeling like no matter what he does, he’ll never quite belong the way he wants to. His story is so tragic, but his guidance to Harry is so loving and invaluable. He’s great fun to read about and great fun to build a portrait of, and I hope you enjoy it.

Character Portrait: Remus John Lupin

~ by Josie on August 21, 2011.

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