Updates: Philosopher’s Stone

Happy new year! I’ve been on a bit of a roll this week, making lots of updates to the site. I start tech rehearsals at my theatre in a few days, so it will likely be short-lived, but I’m enjoying it while I go at least. :)

Among other things I’ve had a backlog of drawings that I’ve been saving to add to the site. These are drawings either that were done after I posted the chapters, or that I found later on in my search. But I’m excited to begin adding them, as I think they will really enhance the chapters I’m adding them to. So I began today with Philosopher’s Stone, and the following pieces:


~ by Josie on January 4, 2012.

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  1. Love the new artwork! Thanks for still taking the time to find new pieces to add to the site. And good luck with your new show!

  2. Lovely illustrations!!!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for the links to all the new artwork. I especially like the additions to Chapter 16! All the best with your new theatre production, and will look forward to the next updates on the HPC!

  4. @Josie: I was wondering if you’d seen these book covers?


    I think it’s cute that she created title pages for the school books! She shared the files online and it looks like it’d be pretty easy to contact her if you wanted to add the images to the site. It’s art, in a slightly different manner. Figured I’d share, just in case!

  5. Do you know when you’ll be updating the Character Portrait section? I adore re-reading it and would love to see more characters posted!

  6. Thanks Oaxara! I will be updating character portraits again as soon as I have a chance to do them, which isn’t very specific I’m afraid. These are fun to make but they take an incredible amount of time to assemble (as you can imagine, finding all of the quotes, matching them to drawings, ordering them, etc.). The best I can tell you is to keep an eye on the updates page, where I always do my best to be honest about where I’m at. Thanks for reading!

  7. I discovered this site a couple weeks ago, and it is amazing! Are you going to update soon? :)

  8. Just back from the Harry Potter Experience at Leavesden, near Watford – recommended for any Potter fan.

    On display are many of the actual film sets and props used in the films – The Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Privet Drive, the Knight Bus, the Ford Anglia (well, two of them actually), the horcruxes.

    Booking in advance is essential, as no tickets are sold on the door.

  9. Why has there stopped being any more updates?! These are great, but now I’m kinda sad since there hasn’t been anything for the longest time. I miss it! =(

  10. *cricket cricket* Is the site still alive? I miss it!

  11. I second that..really miss this site!

  12. I would love updates!

  13. I really miss this site. :(

  14. In three days the site won’t have been updated for one year… :( I miss your work so bad, Josie, it was the best companion in the world wide web!

  15. Happy new year, Josie! I hope you and your family are doing well, and that you’ll be able to update someday. Thank you for this amazing site you’ve created.

  16. Happy new year, Josie! Thank you so much for this beautiful side! Hope you’re well and you’re going to update this sometime soon! XO

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