An update

Well, hi there. :) It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve posted here, obviously. Thank you for checking in!

I want to be completely up front about where I am and the future of this site. I spent seven years immersed in the Harry Potter fandom (three as an editor at the Lexicon and four building the HPC), and it was an incredible experience – I met some wonderful people and experienced some some really cool things, and I will always treasure that. The folks who read and commented here were a huge part of that, and I thank you sincerely for it.

Once I finished the main project of this site, part of me always knew that I had completed what I’d once set out to do. It was a massive, massive project and one I’m quite proud of. I’ve also always known that I would want to keep this site active; I still strongly believe that this is one of the only fan sites around that was set up to exist in a post-fandom world. I still hope to update it from time to time, especially as new artwork is created that fits the stories. And I hope that, as new generations grow up who love Harry Potter but never know what it was like to attend a midnight release party, some of them stumble upon this site and get a taste of that experience.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep the site active but disable comments. I hope it’s obvious that I thoroughly enjoyed the comment pages – the site received close to 10,000 comments and I loved the intelligent, thoughtful discussion that we enjoyed in them. But when I am inclined to stop by here, I’d much rather spend my time adding new artwork than diving into comment moderator mode.

Anyway, thank you all so much for participating in this with me. I hope you continue to enjoy it. You can always email me at And I’ll still drop by on occasion. I promise. :)

Take care,


~ by Josie on January 26, 2013.

9 Responses to “An update”

  1. You did magic THANK YOU

  2. You’ve done an incredible job, and I found every single page of this website to be a wealth of information. Thank you so much for that.

    As for disabling comments, I understand that. While I love the discussions which often took place in the comments section, (It was informative in itself!) I can understand that moderating the comments section is a less than ideal way to enjoy your creation.

    I wish you the best, and thank you for an amazing journey!

  3. I’m really sad you’re disabling comments. While I get that you don’t want the hassle, the discussion we had here was wonderfully insightful, and I still go to certain chapters when I’m writing an essay for Mugglenet and need food for thought.

    That said, this site was an amazing experience, and thank you so much for it.

  4. Thanks, guys. hpboy13, I completely agree with you about the quality of discussion in the comments – it’s one of the things I’m proudest of with this site (and you were a big part of that). Part of my logic in disabling is also that there aren’t many real conversations happening in the comments any more – the commenting on any given page is too sparse, and the overwhelming majority of comments are repeating something that has already been said but that the commenter didn’t see because there were too many preceding comments for them to read through. The existing comments will always remain on the pages.

    Also, from the feedback I’ve gotten, I think that given the choice most visitors would prefer I post new pages occasionally rather than keep comments open. It feels like I have to choose between the two, and I think it will be more fun for all of us this way.

    Sorry to disappoint. :(

  5. Fair enough – and I do agree that I’d rather have new content.

  6. It feels like goodbye, but I do understand. Looking forward to the future. Thanks for bringing new excitement to the books I had read dozens of times already, Josie.

  7. Thank you! Love your site.

  8. Thank you for all your amazing work Josie; I often tell people about your site and they are very impressed, especially with the awesome mindblowing essays :). Speaking of which, is there any plan to finish off the “7 essays for 7 books” or is that effectively finished as it is unless you get more inspiration?

  9. Yeah, I second that, AndreRhineDavis! I would love to read more essays from you! I feel like half of my essays on Mugglenet begin with a note telling everyone to check out the Companion, where I got the ideas for what I’m writing about, and I’ve since started advocating your theory about Lucius trying to slip the diary to Harry. So I’d love to hear more from you on the later books.

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