Harry Potter Off Camera: Growing Up

Well I couldn’t make a post like that last one without at least adding *something* to the site, could I? :)

So I thought I’d continue the “Harry Potter Off Camera” series. I’d already published a collection of drawings from the Marauder era (up through Harry’s birth) and the Potter family (from Harry’s birth through his parents’ death). But this left a gaping hole – where can we see artists’ interpretations of the years of Harry’s childhood? Here’s your answer:

Harry Potter Off Camera: Growing Up

This completes the “Before the Books” section of Off Camera; I’d wanted to do a series on the pre-Marauder era as well (Voldemort and McGonagall growing up, for instance) but there just isn’t enough material. Instead that can eventually be folded into the character pages.

Finally, a couple more quick site updates, too: I’ve closed most comment threads but set them to remain open on new posts and pages for 60 days, so you all will still have the ability to respond to new pages like this one. And I’ve also updated the FAQ to reflect more recent changes to the site.

Thanks as always for reading, and enjoy!

~ by Josie on January 27, 2013.

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  1. Will check it out!

  2. It’s great that your are back! Thank you for this amazing site.

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