New Artwork: (Mostly) Chamber of Secrets

Hi there! I’ve just finished a rough tech process, and was in need of some escapism… what better way to provide that than the world of HP? I’ve been doing some maintenance around the site (and if you see any places that need it, please say so in the comments). But more importantly, I’ve had a queue of about 175 drawings sitting on my computer, waiting to be inserted into the stories. Many of them are just brilliant, and many are artists who haven’t appeared here before, and I wanted to start sharing them! So today, I’m posting 17 new drawings, mostly from book two.

First, I put in some book one updates a while back (that page is here), but there’s one drawing I’ve since found that I wanted to add, which is a beautiful depiction of Hagrid’s hut, drawn by a new artist named RavenclawRadiance. It’s in PS15.

The rest of the new drawings are all from book two. If you’re inspired to see them in context, you’re encouraged to read through the full book! But I’ve also posted them to the artists’ pages, of course. They come from four different artists:

First, there’s a professional illustrator named Felicia Cano who I’ve had my eye on for some time, and who has graciously consented to allow her Harry Potter-themed work to be used here. You can visit her page to see the first three drawings I’ve posted here (Lockhart, Sprout, and Percy), and I assure you that more will be coming soon;

Second, the incomparable Keith James is still chugging along with his one-drawing-per-chapter project, and has finished drawing Chamber of Secrets. I’ve added quite a few new drawings of his, which you can also see on his page (everything from CS7-on is new);

Third, yet another lovely new artist named Jess Siswick has contributed two drawings, with more to come in the future;

And finally, I’ve added a new drawing of the trio from one of this site’s all-time favorite artists, gerre. You can see it on the page for CS13.

Hope you enjoy! And there will be comments open in this thread for a while, so feel free to reach out to me here. :)


~ by Josie on May 12, 2013.

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  1. I’ve got a fantastic drawing of Hagrid’s Hut that my mom drew years ago. It’s not from a specific chapter of the books, but if you’re interested in putting it on the site, I’d be happy to email it to you.

  2. I wish I could draw…

  3. Hi Josie,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve dropped by here, but really enjoyed looking through Chamber of Secrets again tonight. Love the art by Keith James especially. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that you’re still adding new art. I can’t wait for my two little girls to be a little older (I’m hoping next summer, when my oldest turns three) so we can begin exploring the books and this website together!

  5. Natalia, I love that you’re still here! I don’t think I realized you had a second little girl, did I? At any rate, congratulations again. Mine is turning four in a few months, it’s amazing how fast it happens. :)

  6. I think this is the first time you’ve updated since she was born last December. :D I’m not only amazed at how quickly children grow (really? Yours is almost four?! That means she’ll be starting real school soon!) but at how long it’s been since these books were released. I simultaneously want time to stop (to savor moments) and to speed up (so I can share more with my own children). I’m just grateful you’re still adding to this site!

  7. Josie, I’m so happy to see a couple of updates! I’m glad (and impressed) that you’re able to take time off from the rest of your busy life occasionally and give the rest of us some beauty to appreciate!

    And I agree with you and Natalia about how fast the little ones grow up…and about being incredibly impatient to share things like HP with them! My little boy will be 5 this summer…so not quite old enough yet…but soon! (I just have to make sure he doesn’t accidentally see any of the movies before we read the books!)

  8. Hooray! You finally have a picture of Harry and Ron’s foray into the Slytherin common room! And one of their descent into the Chamber of Secrets from Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Are there still any scenes from that long-ago list of missing scenes that you don’t have?

  9. Billie, I hadn’t thought about that list in ages! You’re right that both of those were on it; the only scene from the first four books that was on the original list that I still don’t have a shot of is the end of CS8, “THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED” moment.

    I’m still missing all of the list that came from books 5-7, which is funny because these were drawn so much more than the earlier books in general. Just not these scenes, I guess.
    The D.A. meets in the Room of Requirement for the first time, in OP18
    Trelawney is publicly sacked, in OP26
    Dumbledore escapes the Ministry in dramatic fashion, in OP27
    Harry takes Felix Felicis and gets the memory from Slughorn, in HBP22
    Tottenham Court Road, in DH9
    Harry infiltrates the Ministry of Magic, in DH12-DH13
    Harry and Hermione visit Bathilda Bagshot’s house, in DH17
    Ollivander and Griphook talk with Harry at Shell Cottage, in DH24
    The D.A. greets the trio in the Room of Requirement, in DH29

    Most of these are scenes I’ve never seen a single drawing of, much less one that I liked enough to use. Although to be fair, I haven’t done a detailed search in quite a while. Perhaps that’s overdue. :)

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